Privacy Policy

Privacy policy, Piko’s Blocks

Creetah Ltd (later “company”) develops educational games which train the cognitive skills of both children and adults. This privacy policy applies to the educational game Piko’s Blocks (later referred as “game”). The company will never directly try to attempt contacting young players of the game. Instead any communication will be directed to parents and instructors.

  1. We collect data about the players’ progress in our game to improve the exercises and difficulty of the game further. The collected data consists of the time used on each exercise and the correct and incorrect player input while playing. This collected data can not be associated with individual players.
  2. We use Yahoo Flurry Analytics tool to collect data concerning how well the game suits our users’ needs. This information includes, but is not limited to, game session length and the number of game sessions. 
  3. The user of the game need not provide any information other than their age and country of residence. This information enables the game to improve its adaption to the player skill as well as makes it possible to compare the player’s progress in the game to other players of the same age group.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy stated above, we will be pleased to answer them. You can contact us by email: