Piko’s Blocks – Spatial reasoning

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Free testing versions:

iOS lite: https://itunes.apple.com/fi/app/pikos-blocks-spatial-reasoning-learning-tool/id1131697579

Android lite: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.creetah.piko3dlite

In Piko’s Blocks, the learner builds 3D structures based on presented exercises. Player observes and manipulates self-made 3D objects to develop three-dimensional thinking. Piko’s Blocks has been developed in cooperation with occupational therapists and teachers.

– Spatial and Visual reasoning
– 3D geometric thinking
– Problem solving

– over 300 unique exercises to play
– suitable for ages 4+ and doesn’t require the ability to read
– does NOT include any In-App Purchases or Ad’s
– unlimited player profiles for each device: individual progress is saved
– adapts to the player’s skill level motivating and challenging appropriately
– has also an option to practice specific exercise type and difficulty level
– makes it possible to monitor the player’s progress

– building matching 3D structures
– removing extra pieces from structures
– building mirror images of structures
– extra challenge is provided for advanced learners by point symmetry and rotation exercises

Spatial reasoning ability is an important cognitive skill and it creates a strong basis for learning mathematical skills and STEM subjects. It is also a fundamental advantage in problem solving and creative work, since it helps to create mental visualizations of ideas and concepts. Research confirms that spatial reasoning can developed with regular practice – and this is precisely what Piko’s Blocks offers.

Are you now ready for an educational adventure? Help our friend Piko on his way from planet to planet by solving 3D exercises! Let’s go, Piko is waiting!